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Inside the Summer 2017 Issue!

We have just that blend of old and new in this issue. We explore the modern resurgence of plants with a reputation for being old-fashioned. They may be new discoveries for some, while for other long-time gardeners, they may never have gone out of style.

We’re taking a new look at some traditional ornamentals by recommending you eat them! “Eat Your Annuals” identifies ornamental plants whose flowers and seeds can make their way to your table. And speaking of edibles, check out our article on goji berries, which are gaining popularity in Canada after being a staple of Chinese medicine for millennia.

Creating interest with foliage rather than flowers may be a new concept for some gardeners. We highlight new heuchera varieties that are not only hardy in cool climates, but also offer options for subtle variations in colour and texture in a garden bed.

A rain garden may be a new concept to some—we hope our article will get you thinking about how to plan your rain garden in a way that intentionally interacts with and makes the most of the rain you receive.


Feature Perennial: ‘Mrs Kendall Clark’
Eat Your Annuals!
The Gaudy but Beautiful Colours of Heuchera
Growing Goji
Old Fashioned Plants Are New Again!
Growing Sweet Potatoes in a Cooler Climate
How To: Deal With Pocket Gophers and
Voles in the Garden
Building a Rain GardenSave



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