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Know your growing zone!

Gardening information to overcome the challenges of gardening in a climate with short growing seasons, difficult winters and unpredictable precipitation.

Branch out your business by targeting gardeners in the prairie region and across Canada with a cost-effective ad in The Gardener. The Gardener’s the definitive horticulture magazine that provides current in-depth information tailored specifically for Zone 2 and 3 growing conditions: a growing season of less than 100 days, irregular precipitation and winters of -40°C…conditions largely ignored by national gardening magazines.

Published since 1995, The Gardener continues to grow circulation and readership each year. It is distributed widely across the Prairies and Canada through subscriptions, newsstand sales, garden centres and greenhouses. The magazine has a paid circulation exceeding 10,000 and a pass-along readership of 35,000 gardeners every issue.