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Respected and trusted

Highly respected and trusted for it’s horticultural expertise, this is what our readers have to say about The Gardener ....

Respected Gardening Expertise – The Gardener is recognized as the best horticultural magazine for hardy Canadian growing conditions. Every issue contains expert gardening information to overcome the challenges of gardening in a climate with short growing seasons, difficult winters and unpredictable precipitation – conditions largely ignored by national Gardening magazines. If we show it, you can grow it!


Congratulations on your fine magazine, The Gardener. I just discovered it this year. It’s most refreshing and encouraging to find a horticulture magazine aimed at the Canada’s Zone 2/3 growing conditions. .... It raises the quality of the consumer gardening magazine: it should be interesting and educational for both horticultural professionals and laypersons who are serious about gaining horticultural knoweldge and skills with a college commitment. 

Gary L.,Vancouver 

... The Gardener magazine is a wonderful magazine that I have enjoyed reading for many years.The articles are very informative and in my opinion, it is one of the best educational magazines relating to the prairie provinces.This gardening magazine shows the rest of Canada that we truly can grow marvellous plants in our zones.” 

Marilyn Dudek

Even though I do not live in the prairies, your magazine is wonderful for where I do live and garden, which is actually Zone 4, about an hour west of Ottawa. I feel that anything you can grow, I can grow. I also think it is wonderful that yours is a Canadian magazine and of the highest quality. Please keep up the excellent work. I will look forward to many more years of your terrific publication. 


... thank you, thank you and thank you for such a good magazine. Instead of many pretty pictures of Zone 5 and 6 plants, it is filled with useful information about plants, pests and gardening concerns for our zones. 

Penny D., Lethbridge AB