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Consume what you growThe Gardener is dedicated to offer up ideas for edibles that you can grow in your own back yard. From varities of standard garden produce to unique things you can grow whether in your garden, container or greenhouse.


See you next year – plants that keep coming back year after year are showcased in each and every issue of The Gardener magazine. Tips for planting perennials include things like soil type, exposure to sunlight and timeliness of blooms.


Plan your ground – The Gardener recognizes the importance of choosing the right plants for the right locations. Whether you are looking for ground cover, shrubs, trees or ideas on how to beautify your property, the Gardener strives to showcase ideas and articles related to this field.

Beneficial Insects

At one with nature – What you grow is vital to the kinds of critters you will find hanging around your gardens! We cover many aspects to wildlife, insects and birds and how they relate to the choices we make for planting our properties.