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Grow your business with us.

Information and inspiration for Canadian Gardeners.

Published since 1995, The Gardener continues to grow circulation and readership each year. It is distributed widely across Canada through subscriptions, newsstand sales, garden centres and greenhouses. The magazine has a paid circulation exceeding 10,000 and a pass-along readership of 35,000 gardeners every issue.

Your ad will work for years to come. Most of our readers (89%) keep their back issues “forever” as a valuable gardening resource. 

The Gardener explores all aspects of gardening and offers informative articles and inspiring photography. Advertise in The Gardener and reach a growing group of enthusiastic gardeners and horticulturalists.

Advertising impact is about involvement with the consumer ...
  • A passionate readership: Your advertising message inherits The Gardener’s involved and trusting readership.
  • Guaranteed circulation: The Gardener has a 100% paid circulation through subscriptions and newsstand distribution.
  • Build your brand. Align your product or service in a magazine that has national recognition and stature for it’s gardening expertise!

Top 10 reasons why advertisers get the best ROI with the Gardener magazine.
  1. Reach “high value” consumers with the financial means to purchase advertised brands. 78% of our readers have income over the national average.
  2. The Gardener readers are receptive to advertising – ads are seen as an integral part of the magazine content.
  3. Connectivity to engaged readers with a shared interest and passion for gardening.
  4. 90% of our readers keep their magazines for longterm reference.
  5. 60% urban / 40% rural demographic
  6. Guaranteed circulation: The Gardener has a 100% paid circulation through subscriptions and newstand distribution.
  7. 70% of readers rate the magazine as excellent / 24% as good.
  8. 75% of our readers have post-secondary education.
  9. Strict content ratio of 70% editorial and 30% advertising.
  10. Magazines are rated as the best media



If you’d like more information regarding advertising in The Gardener, please contact:

John Belzevick,
Advertising Manager

Telephone:  (306) 230-7424



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