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2018 Spring

Spring 2018

Feature Perennial: Daystemon Tulip
Plant Picks 2018 / AAS Winners
Preventing Common Lawn Problems
How To: Prune and Train Tomatoes
Primroses: Keys to Heaven
Carrot Cousins
Water Gardens: Know Your
Planting Zones

2018 Summer

Summer 2018

Feature Perennial: Russian Sage
Living Mulch
Shasta Daisies
Breaking the Rules
How To: Prevent Drought and Heat Stress in Plants
Wonderful Worts
Easy-to-Grow Annuals For Late Summer
Cucumber: The Most Popular Vegetable in the World?

2018 Fall

Fall 2018

Feature Perennial: ‘Kobold’ Blazing Star
Falling in Love with Dahlias
How To: Mulch 101
Edible Prunus: Part One - Plums
Boosting Plant Vitality
Plants for Fall Colour
Viburnum Leaf Beetle - What You Need to Know
What is a Weed

2018 Winter

Winter 2018

True Geraniums, How To: Prevent Seedling Damping Off
Edible Prunus: Part 2: Cherries
Contain Yourself: The Winter Container
This ‘n That: Organic vs non-Organic Mulches
Perennial Vegetables
The Bitter Truth about Hops
Gardens without Borders

2017 Spring

Spring 2017

Zinnias Will Knock Your Socks Off
Feature Perennial: ‘Canada 150’ Tulip
Plant Picks 2017
How to: Set Up a Rain Barrel
Introducing the Canadian
ShieldTM Rose
A Backyard Sanctuary
Water Features

2017 Summer

Summer 2017

Feature Perennial: ‘Mrs Kendall Clark’
Wild Neighbours
Eat Your Annuals!
Growing Goji
Old Fashioned Plants Are New Again!
Growing Sweet Potatoes
How To: Deal With Pocket Gophers and Voles in the Garden
Building a Rain Garden

2017 Fall

Fall 2017

Feature Perennial - Summer Gentian
Was It An Accident... Or Did You Do That On Purpose?
This ‘n’ That
How To: Use Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Garden
Root Vegetables
Using Microclimates in Your Garden

2017 Winter

Winter 2017

Feature Perennial: Lady’s Mantle
How To: Sharpen Your Tools
Contain Yourself
The Kitchen Garden
Past Meets Present in the Garden
Know Your Seed Source
Winning Landscape Design

2016 Spring

Spring 2016

Feature Perennial: Checkered Lily
How To: Create a Fairy Garden
Medicinal Plants: Turkey Tail Mushroom
No Fuss Vegetable Gardening
Green Roofs - the Gardener’s New Frontier
Cheery Bells: Campanula
Plant Picks 2016

2016 Summer

Summer 2016

Astilbe, Feature Perennial: Prairie Coneflower
Purple Reign
Green Roofs Part 2 - Basic Principles
How To: Site a Garden Pond
Northern Strawberries are the Best!
Soiless Mediums and Hydroponics

2016 Fall

Fall 2016

Iris in Bloom
Feature Perennial: ‘Veitch’s Blue’ Globe Thistle
Baby Vegetables
Feature Garden: Fort Calgary Community Garden
Ornamental Grasses
Celebrating Cranberries
The Art of Getting Your Hands Dirty
How To: Vermicomposting

2016 Winter

Winter 2016

Container Planing to All Seasons
Feature Perennial: BlueBell
Dynamic Accumulators: Powerhouse Plants
Ornamental Grasses
How to: Enjoy Amaryllis
This and That: Bulbs
Pleasing the Bees


Spring 2015

No-Fuss Annuals, Raspberries: The Neglected Fruit,  Plant Picks 2015 Ginseng in Your Backyard


Summer 2015

Columbines, Legumes, The World of Beneficial Insects, Simple Front Yard Design, Vertical Gardening Reaches New Heights, The Roll of Micronutrients in Your Garden


Fall 2015

No-Fuss Trees & Shrubs, Ferns for Canadian Gardens, Live & Garden in the Moment, Salvia, Heirloom Edibles, Straw Bale Gardening


Winter 2015

Hort Society Award Winner, Imagination in Lorna’s Garden, Cretaceous Garden, Diversity in Wateron Lakes National Park, Karl Foerster’s Gardens, Captain Kennedy House


Spring 2014

Winning Combinations Part 1, Haskap FAQs, Clematis Part 2, Plant Picks 2014, Banff’s Historic Garden, Tips for Low Allergen Gardening


Summer 2014

Combinations Part 2, Hollyhocks, Unusual Edibles, Lessons in Urban Architecture, Year of the Echinacea


Fall 2014

Brassica Vegetables, Fritillaria, Autumn Splendor, No Fuss Perennials, Prairie Garden Seeds


Winter 2014

Begonias, Sea Buckthorn, Growing Miniature Fruit Trees, Containers for Seed Starting, The Chelsea Flower Show


Spring 2013

Photographing Your Garden, Moon Gardens, Hardy Roses, Gardening With Chickens, Early Seeding, Plant Picks 2013, The Forestry Farm Park Celebrates 100 Years


Summer 2013

Hardy Roses Part 2Gardening with Children, Herbs, Saskatoons, Dining Al Fresco, Floral Jellies 


Fall 2013

Sumptuous Sumac, Heirloom Tomatoes, Confounding Garden Pests, Garden Gifts


Winter 2013

Hardy Small Clematis, Using Plants for Dye, Secrets of Overwintering Plants, Garden Destinations: A Vancouver Island Stay-cation, Shade Vegetables, New to Zone 2


Spring 2012

Sold out


Summer 2012

Lily Talk, Daylilies, Callas and Cannas, Delphiniums Part 2, Pesto Garden


Fall 2012

Spirea, Three Sisters, Dogs in My Garden, Garden Refresh, Albert Park’s Community Garden, Eustoma


Winter 2012

Dried Flower Arrangements, Creating a Bog Garden, Winter Sowing, Hospice Gardens, Secret World of Soil, Curb Appeal, Gingko


Spring 2011

Sold out


Summer 2011

Hostas Part II, Cacti, Adventures in Edibles, International Inspirations, Sweet Peas, Craik’s Xeric Garden


Fall 2011

Ninebark, Fruitscaping a Prairie Garden, Rabbit Resistant Perennials, Fabulous Fall Flowers, Screen Schemes, Bees and Wasps 


Winter 2011

Seeing Red, Exploring for Conifers, The Art and Science of Good Pruning, Indoor Shrubs, Marvellous Microgreens, A Small Greenhouse for the Prairies