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3 Options to buy a Gift Subscription.

Call us at 1-888-477-5593

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Print and mail it with a cheque to:

The Gardener magazine,
Box 838, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7K 3L7



Gift Subscription - Online (each gift subscription must be ordered separately) 

Buy your subscription online and pay by credit card. Choose a one or two year subscription and pay securely via the PayPal website.

You can use our payment system without having a PayPal Account. Simply use the “Pay with Credit or Visa Debit Card” option (one time payment) once you enter the PayPal website.

IMPORTANT; Uncheck the “Ship to my Bill Address” that appears at the bottom of the credit card information. If this box is not unchecked PayPal will assume the credit card address is the same as the mailing address and will send the subscription to the purchaser’s address.


Uncheck Ship

Uncheck this box and another field will drop down to put in the recipient’s name and mailing information